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Steel Doors

Fire Rated Doors also provide a range of Steel Doors. Durability, reliability, performance and low maintenance will be foremost in the mind when devloping your custom door. 

Our Steel Doors are able to satisfy the criteria in respect of fire, acoustic and security requirements in college, schools and universities. In order to maximise safety within these buildings, access control equipment and closed circuit television should be a high priority. This equipment can be readily installed in conjunction with steel door sets.

Aluminium Doors

Our Range of Commercial and Industrial Aluminium Doors are commercial grade door systems for high end residential or commercial building applications.

Our Aluminium range include commercial property frontage, windows and doors, shop fronts, Curtain Walling, Residential Doors and of course Commercial doors. 

Revolving Doors

Our Security Revolving Doors are ideal for any commercial of Office premises. A motorised revolving door fitted with people detection sensors and can be installed semi-externally into the entrance of a building (with half of the doors outdoors and the other half indoors or internally. 

They boost a high level of detection, highly secure and can provide certified resistance against ballistic and blast attacks. 

Security Booth

Security Booths operate like an airlock. It is an interlocking system composed of two doors electronically connected so one cannot open until the other has closed, commonly used in banks in Ireland.

Using identification, the individual enters the first door which must close behind them before the second door opens, allowing them to pass through. There is a high level of detection with these and include optional metal detection.  

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